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Photo Gallery

WANDERING MONKS WANDERING MONKS Sifu Danny Xuan Monday 16th Jan 2012. Presentation of Patu from Kevin Earle & Clay Earle of Earle's Academy, to Sifu Danny Xuan. 148047164 Patu presented to Sifu Danny Xuan. Patu carved by Rapheal Stowers 148047166 Danny Xuan Seminar 16.01.2012 Kevin & Clay Earle of Earle's Academy were invited to meet with Sifu Danny Xuan and participate in the first evening of Sifu Danny's NZ seminar, where they presented Sifu Danny with a Patu. 148047168 Wing Chun brothers & others Sifu Danny Xuan's NZ visit was made possible by his NZ student Zayid Jones who got together a great bunch of guys. 148047170 Simon Swain January 2012 Simon trains with Sifu Susana Ho in Sydney, Australia. Seen here with Kevin & Clay Earle after a bit of Chi Sau at Earle's Academy, Christchurch, New Zealand. 148049086 Simon Swain - Again Same visit - different pose. Simon Swain with Clay. Wing Chun cousins. 148049087 Paul Woods & Clay Xmas 2011 Wing Chun brothers Clay Earle and Paul Woods after some Chi Sau to renew their acquaintance. 148051179 Paul Woods & Kevin Xmas 2011 Is that sweat on your T Paul? 148051180 Ganging up on Paul Xmas 2011 No escape now Paul! 148051181 Paul & some of the Boyz Xmas 2011 Welcome visit from our Wing Chun brother Paul Woods, who currently trains Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun (Robert Chu Lineage) in Bangkok, Thailand. 148051182 Sifu Susana Ho -12.2005 All the way from Sydney Australia, a welcome visit from Sifu Susana Ho, December 2005. 148053135 Wing Chun Brothers Circa 1985 in our Wise Street Addington studio. Kevin struggling to seperate two "Wandering Monks". John, who was visiting from Hong Kong. Began with Earle's Academy in the '70's, went of to Hong Kong for several years training at Wong Sheung Leung's; & Beau, visiting from Sydney, where he was training with Sifu Jim. 148112917