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Master Beau's Upcoming Workshop 2012

Posted by VCK on March 14, 2012 at 12:20 AM

Don't say we didn't warn you all to put aside some savings for another workshop by the indominitable master of Wing Chun, Beau Bouzaid.

Well, he could be here in Christchurch as early as the first week of April! Fresh from his recent trip to Hong Kong where he received hands on instruction from the legendary King of Siu Nim Tao, GrandMaster Chu Shong Tin, Master Beau has taken some time to reflect on those lessons, and now he is ready to regurgitate that information for you!

You are no doubt aware that a number of Wing Chun practitioners world-wide make the trek to Hong Kong to train with GrandMaster Chu Shong Tin, however what you may not know is that the first group tour organised for the specific purpose of training With Chu Shong Tin in Hong Kong was led by our very own, Master Beau Bouzaid. The year was 1989.

(You will find photo's of that historic inaugral event in our new Album titled "Master Beau's Collection". The series of photo's is led by a picture of Chu Shong's class of students from the opening year of his school, 1964.)

At this point in time the projected cost for the workshop is $200 (or about $40 per hour) (NOTE: with a 50% discount to financial members of the Association - about $100).

A drop in the ocean compared to the cost of traveling to Hong Kong to train, and we are grateful to Master Beau for sharing his experiences with us. We hope that you will avail yourself of this opportunity - and we suggest that you book your space in the workshop now, as this will be a 'flying' visit, and spots in the workshop may be limited. ($50 deposit to secure your place).

We will notify exact workshop date/time as soon as flight times are finalised.

Indominitable? Glad you asked. It means 'he who cannot be subdued or overcome: unconquerable: an indominitable warrior: invincible; seems to sum up Master Beau...

Oh, and a big welcome to our newest members, hope you enjoy the articles, photos, and videos on the website. Check it out for all the good stuff.

Categories: Wandering Monks 2012